Request your small loan now!

Our Serratum experiences are generally very positive. The most important principle of a small loan is: getting money quickly. And this loan institution takes care of that. But you don’t have to pay it back quickly. You can take up to 45 days! You can also easily pay back via Dealss. And so, as far […]

Do you also want to borrow money abroad?

Dealing wisely with borrowing money is always important. You must also be able to repay all the money that you borrow with ease. A number of safeguards have therefore been built into the Dutch system of borrowing money. But what about when you go abroad for this? Lower protection in other countries It sometimes turns […]

I want to borrow money, what can I get from the bank?

Most people who want to make a major purchase approach the bank or another lender to borrow money for their investment. Few people have enough capital to make a major purchase without taking out a loan for it, and therefore different types of loans have been created. How much money you can borrow for your […]